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First Day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Today is June 1st, and the first day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the LGBTQ+ authors who helped me get through the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of you who do not know, I work in health care, and throughout the pandemic, I did my part by helping in many areas of the hospital. The only item I brought to my shifts was my phone in a ziplock sandwich bag, and my only refuge was reading books on my iPhone while on break. The LGBTQ+ authors wrote characters who fought extreme and intense situations to find “Happily Ever After,” which gave me hope when I felt hopeless.

This month, I will feature a book and the Author who inspired me during The COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Cat Sebastian, Alexis Hall, KJ Charles, Lucy Lennox, Sloane Kennedy,

May Archer, Molly Maddox, Rachel Reid, Jen Bailey, and Damon Suede

The Soldier’s Scoundrel (Jack and Oliver)

A scoundrel who lives in the shadows

Jack Turner grew up in the darkness of London's slums, born into a life of crime and willing to do anything to keep his belly full and his siblings safe. Now he uses the tricks and schemes of the underworld to help those who need the kind of assistance only a scoundrel can provide. His distrust of the nobility runs deep and his services do not extend to the gorgeous high-born soldier who personifies everything Jack will never be.

A soldier untarnished by vice

After the chaos of war, Oliver Rivington craves the safe predictability of a gentleman's life-one that doesn't include sparring with a ne'er-do-well who flouts the law at every turn. But Jack tempts Oliver like no other man has before. Soon his yearning for the unapologetic criminal is only matched by Jack's pleasure in watching his genteel polish crumble every time they're together.

Two men only meant for each other



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