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Bound by Insight

Artemis Meagher reflected on how she met Belenos, her mate. They told their children their happily ever after story where they ran away together instead of facing the foreseen dangers. The two managed to stay one step ahead of the peril of the past for over twenty-eight years.

The past has collided with the future, and Artemis and Belenos have to choose between going back home or staying and keeping their family safe. Can they put the responsibility of protecting their daughters on the shoulders of their oldest? What would happen to their family if they left?

Artemis and Belenos must decide whether to fight for the safety of all or stay and protect their little family. Artemis Meagher's coven desperately needs her, but so do her daughters. Can she save both?
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Bound by Flames

After being sheltered for years about magic, witches, and the truth about her grandparents, Brigid Meagher is faced with the difficult task of keeping her sisters safe. When one of her sisters is nearly kidnapped, Brigid decided to tap into her magic abilities to seek protection.


She follows clues in an ancient book of magical history to the town of Ville de Cougar. Once welcomed into the safe haven of the community, Brigid starts to have dreams of a strange man with promises to keep them all safe. The stranger in her dreams offers world-altering passion which leaves Brigid weary and confused. When she comes face to face with the man in her dreams, will she run, or will the sparks fly?

Lugh Flacone has waited a long time for the fates to give him a mate. When a sisterhood of beautiful witches needed protection and sanctuary, Lugh went to guard them and provide the sisters a safe place to stay. Once the first witch came into sight, Lugh felt his world shift.


When the exquisite beauty knelt in the garden to pray, he found himself bound to the woman. He would give his life for her. He knew he had to convince her they belong together while he kept her safe from the unknown danger.

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