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You Should Be Here

Today would have been my dad's 80th birthday. I know he is in heaven watching over us. One of my favorite things about my dad was his infectious laugh. You couldn't help but want to join in when you got him laughing. As a parent, I know what he found funny about his children. I come from a family of six. My parents had four children, two boys and two girls.

Having four children myself, I understand how it feels to be outnumbered and out of control when you are trying to raise four people. I noticed more of my dad's sense of protection for his children when we started to drive. One of the many lessons I remember was wet leaves on the payment after a storm are slick like ice. I know this because my dad made me slam on my brakes in a pile of wet leaves after a storm. I stayed calm and followed his directions to a tee. Afterward, when we were driving home, I asked why he had me do that—his response was, so you are prepared and don't lose control of the car. He said I did a good job, then began to chuckle. "You should have seen your face. I thought for sure you were going to wet your pants." I responded that I might have if I had not been so scared. This, of course, made him laugh harder. We were both laughing by the time we got home.

Mr. B and I have all daughters, and watching them give us a run for our money made him happy. I also know he is up there laughing when I struggle to keep my anxiety down when our children travel and leave the country. My dad, I am sure, has been in the passenger seat while I drive and has been our daughters' guardian angel when they travel. Watching our daughters travel to some of the same places he and mom visited and experiencing new exciting things has to be the best view.

Thank you, Dad, for watching over our family as it grows.

Happy heavenly Birthday




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