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Where has the month of March gone?

March had two holidays I enjoy celebrating. One is St. Patrick's Day for those of us who are Irish or are for the day. The other is St. Joseph's Day for those of us who are Italian.

For St. Patrick's Day, I made corned beef and cabbage when our kids were young and dressed them in green. I wanted them to experience other heritages. After many years of making the traditional meal, they informed me they hated corned beef. However, they enjoy celebrating at bars now that they are older.

As a college football fan, one of my favorite teams is Notre Dame, so St. Patrick's Day means spring college football has started. I wear my Notre Dame mom t-shirt and sweatshirt to show my spirit for the day and support the Fighting Irish. I will have many more blogs and posts about the college football season in the fall.

A few days later, it is St. Joseph's Day, and being Italian, we celebrate by wearing red and getting Zeppole di San Giuseppe, a traditional cream-filled Italian pastry. They are named after him: Zeppole di San Giuseppe. I would make lasagna, which my kids still like me to make. They would save room for the traditional dessert. Mr. B and I order the Zeppoles and have spaghetti for dinner to celebrate the day.

Even though St. Patrick's Day is more well-known on March 17th, St. Joseph's Day is on March 19th. As kids, we would wear green on St. Patrick's Day, but my mom always made sure we wore red on St. Joseph's Day.

Whichever holiday you celebrate, please be safe and enjoy the day.





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