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April has arrived

I will be attending Chicago North Romance Writers Spring Fling conference this month. 

 I have belonged to Chicago North for over twenty years. During my first experience going to Spring Fling, I felt nervous and scared to meet many new people who were accomplished writers. Writing is a very singular endeavor, which I thought you learned as you listened to the voices in your head.

My mind and heart opened when I arrived, and the most amazing people warmly welcomed me. I found my people who heard characters in their heads wanting their stories told. Plus, published authors were giving workshops on how to be published and teaching about the tools in your writing toolbox. Everyone wanted to see you succeed and were willing to help you on your writing journey. I had never been so inspired and made lifelong friends.

If you are an aspiring author, I recommend joining a writing group like Chicago North Romance Writers and attending the Spring Fling Conference. This community gives their time and talents, and it will fill your well with joy for writing.

Every time I write something, I doubt myself and my abilities. These other writers are my cheerleaders, giving me the courage to keep writing. I have found my tribe and am blessed to have such wonderful, talented people in my corner.

After the conference, I will have another blog to tell you about it.




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