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June! The Month of Sunshine

June is the perfect time to meet with friends. I had the opportunity to meet with one of my best friends growing up. Cathy lived three doors down and was a little older than me. She taught me to overcome challenges with grace, love, and courage. Sometimes, it was a struggle, but she endured and raised four of the most amazing daughters who I used to babysit as a teenager. 

Cathy was the first person I introduced my husband to when we were dating, and she stood up at our wedding. When we had our first Princess, the next, and then the next, I knew how close sisters could be. When we had the fourth, I saw the perfect example of raising them with patience, love, and understanding. Despite our struggles, I knew our daughters would stick together.  

When Cathy and I met for lunch, it had been nearly twenty years since we had seen each other in person. We spent 3 hours talking and catching up in the sunshine. We laughed and cried at the joys in our lives and our losses. Most of all, it was like no time had passed at all. There is no way we are twenty years older and have grandchildren.

My challenge to you this summer is to reach out to an old friend and meet to reconnect and share a meal filled with laughter.


Let me know how it goes.

Have a fun June.

Remember to take some time for yourself and rest with a good book.

Happy Reading,




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