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Having Children is the Best Part of Our Life

Having children is the best part of our life. Being with our children makes our lives complete. On our recent vacation, our daughters thought we were not having fun because we were not talking that much. We explained we were taking them all in. Having them together is what we hoped for when they were little, that they would get along. Anyone with daughters knows it can be touch and go in their teenage years.

When our children were young, we had dreams of being healthy, happy, and the best they could be. Finally, watching our daughters together, our dreams came true. They are all successful in their fields and enjoy each other company. As they continue to navigate the world as adults, we enjoy watching them learn. They are experiencing going out with friends, traveling the world, and working hard. We love when they ask what we were doing in our twenties. We answer with, “We were having all of you.”

We spent our twenties trying to make a family we love and would not change a thing.


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