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Your family is your team

I truly believe your family is your team. I have a wonderful team.

In the past, my husband and children have been my IT department, printing staff, party planners, and set-up crew.

Our children are adults and can no longer help since some live in different states and others have big girl jobs. I do lean heavily on my partner in crime, my husband.

In the last month, our daughters have been very supportive of me as I finish Bound by Crystals. They always act interested in helping me even though I see their eyes gloss over when I ask their opinions or ask how to do something for the 80th time. Self-publishing is a team effort.

When I self-published Bound by Flames, the first book in the Flames of Light series, I thought it would end my marriage and my kids would disown me. Mr. B was very patient; he formatted the book and put it on all the sites to sell. All this while visiting our oldest in Philly and vacationing in New York.

For some reason, I feel May is the best month to release a book. So watch for the next installment, Bound by Crystals, or my pending divorce. Just kidding about the divorce. Hubby and I have made it through raising four daughters, and we can do anything together.

Bound by Crystals will be coming out soon.


May has another one of my favorite holidays, Memorial Day.

For those who don’t know me, the military is very important to me. My Father, Father-in-law, and my brother-in-law have all served. Both of Mr. B’s grandfathers also served.

I volunteer at the USO at the airport and love every minute.

I have met many servicemen and women and made lifelong friends with the other volunteers.

The USO is a wonderful organization if you are looking for a place to donate or volunteer.

Remember to take some time for yourself and rest with a good book.

Happy Reading,


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Victoria Hamel
Victoria Hamel
28 may

Sounds like your book will be out super soon! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Me gusta
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