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Who is your Hero & Heroine

Breathe, darling. This is just a chapter. Not your whole story.

– S.C. Lourie

As a reader, I can tell you some books you read will stay with you. The characters leap off the page, and their losses and triumphs wrap around your soul.

One of those books for me was Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Scarlett is a complex character who grows and learns how to survive. But, she would not let one chapter of her life define her. Although, it did take the whole book to realize the man who loved her deeply was right in front of her the entire time.

Rhett is a strong hero who had to choose himself over the woman he loved to survive.

In the past, when things didn't go how our daughters wanted, I would tell them the story of your life is long. So this chapter will be short, just a blip. There is a lesson to be learned, and you will be stronger. There have been many chapters of my life that have been extended and short. I would not change the lesson I learned from any of them.

When I write, I like my heroines to be strong and triumph over adversity. Yet, their losses are what form them and define who they are, not only to the hero but to the community. My heroines always find their happily ever after at a price.

The hero and the heroine must give up something to be together.

Who is your hero or heroine or both?


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