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Valentine's Day is Coming

It's February which means Valentine's Day is coming! What was your most memorable Valentine's Day celebration?

In our family, Valentine's Day went from celebrating our love for each other to making the day memorable for our children. To this day, my husband gets our daughters a card and a Fannie May chocolate lollipop, usually the cover in their colors. (Their colors are a story for another day).

My favorite Valentine's celebration had to be our first when my husband and I started dating. He took me to this small cozy museum-like local pizzeria called Pizza Cottage. The restaurant was built in the 50s and looked like a Cottage with the era's ambiance: the low lighting, the red and white checkered table clothes, and the red glass candle. You could even see the brick ovens. On Valentine's Day, they had a Valentine's Day special and made heart-shaped pizzas.

What made Valentine's Day special is every year after our first, we would go to Pizza Cottage or order the Valentine's Day special. When we moved to our first house 45 minutes away, my husband drove out and got the Valentine's Day special. The pizza was cold when he got home, but the thought made all the difference. After 50 years, Pizza Cottage closed and now remains in our memories.


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