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No Relationship is all Sunshine, but...

Hello, my lovely readers-

This week is our Anniversary. We are now in the “over thirty-year” club. This quote is so accurate, at least for us. The sunshine of being newlyweds does fade, and sometimes, the rain does fall during a storm. Being together so long, you know each other well. When our daughters ask asks a question for the two of us, it amazes them when we know what the other will say.

Except now, sometimes we forget what each other likes to eat or do. We always keep a sense of humor when these things happen. Like, I know Mr. B hates broccoli. I only make it because I know he’ll eat it. After all, when the princesses were little, they had to at least try everything on their plate. They would have to take “no thank you” bites for however old they were. Setting a good example, Mr. B would take “no thank you” bites. Unfortunately, he finished before he got to his age. One of the reasons I love Mr. B is how he sets an excellent example for our children. The way he takes care of us shows how much he loves us. He might not say it often, but he loves us all.

We have played and danced in the rain throughout our marriage, and I would not trade a single wet minute of it.

Remember to take care of yourself and relax with a book.

Happy reading,



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