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Last Blog Post for 2023

Christmas was filled with the season's magic when our daughters were little. On Christmas Eve, we would go to midnight mass with my family. Santa would come when we returned to my parent's house to give them presents. It was so magical; they were even more surprised when we got home, and Santa left more presents under our tree and their other grandparents. They could not believe all the stops  Santa made in one night.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is setting up our Christmas Tree. When the girls were little, they would all help, and Dad could put on the Angel when we finished. As the girls went to college and married, we had to wait to put the Angel on until they were all home for Christmas. 

Since our daughters were all home for Thanksgiving this year, we could put up the tree completely. 

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions you do with your families?

May the special memories of Christmas past and good times this year bring you joy. 

Merry Christmas!



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