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Have Confidence in Yourself

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

~ Bosa Daisy Sebele

I am going to date myself here. In 1984, I was a freshman in high school and watched American Bandstand with Dick Clark on Sundays after church. On this particular Sunday, Madonna was on for the first time. She sang “Holiday,” and Dick Clark asked about her dreams in her interview. Madonna responded, “To rule the world.” Madonna stated before the question that she had a lot of confidence in herself. As we all know, Madonna went on to rule the entertainment world with her singing, acting, and her philanthropic endeavors

When writing, you must have confidence in yourself and your ability to tell a story. Some readers will love your story, and some will not. It has taken many years to hone my craft, and I have an excellent editor who keeps me on track. Having confidence is putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to judgment. I have been writing and rewriting for years. This year I was determined to rise up and put my new genre of writing out into the world. I believe in helping other authors do the same, so I love reading and promoting new authors because we should all rise up together and share our stories with the world.


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