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Happy Halloween

Hello, my lovely readers-

This statement is so true for me. I love Halloween for two reasons. The first is decorating the house and second, all of the memories from getting my children costumes when they were little.

Two of our Princesses are born in October, one at the beginning and one at the end. As you can imagine, they had Halloween-themed birthdays.

If you don't know, I am a big Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter-themed parties were my favorite to do. I was the DIY queen for all things Harry Potter. To be honest, I may have gotten a little carried away from time to time!

I also love this season because of all the Disney Halloween movies. The two Disney movies played often in our house were Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town. I loved Hocus Pocus, but my girls were not a fan. They liked all the Halloween Town movies more. Watching all the movies again makes me think of my grown children who still like to dress up for Halloween.

What were some of your favorite costumes or memories?

Remember to take care of yourself and relax with a book.

Happy reading,



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