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Hello, my lovely readers-

Happy Birthday to everyone born in June!

Some writers who were born in June-

Dorothy L. Sayers-b. 1893

John Hersey-b. 1914

Mary McCarthy-b. 1912

George Orwell-b 1903

June marks the first day of summer and Father's Day.

When my children were little, summer was a double edge sword for me. On one side, I enjoyed not having to get them up for school. But, on the other side, I now had to find things to entertain them all day.

The library had many programs for my children, including the summer reading program. My children loved to read, and we would spend hours at the library. To tell the truth, the library was and still is my favorite place too. Our hometown downtown area was tiny when we first moved. It was small enough that we would be able to walk to get ice cream after checking out what was seemingly a dozen books for each kid. The reading program and events through our local library not only have us a reason to get out of the house but keep the girls motivated to practice their reading skills during the summer months. I often look back and wonder if they got their love for reading from me or the rewards the library would give them for finishing books. They would get so excited and run through the rows of books for more in hopes of snagging vouchers for ice cream or a free book of their choice. Who said you can’t give kids a little incentive to read? I have always loved to watch them learn. I still do. I can tell you, after all the reading in college and master's programs, our Princesses do not read as much, which is okay. But they still like the library and bookstores.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. In our small town, Father's Day coincides with our town's Prairie Festival, which is one of my favorite traditions. The festival included a carnival and parade. We would have our families come out, go to the parade, and then have a barbecue. When our daughters were on sports teams and the marching band, they marched and participated in the parade. We have had this tradition for over twenty years. Prairie Fest still lives on, but we no longer have children in the parade. What are some of your family traditions for Father's Day?

"A father's job isn't to teach his daughter how to be a lady, it's to teach her how a lady should be treated"

Remember to take care of yourself and relax with a book.

Happy reading,




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