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Bound by Flames

Brigid Meagher is faced with the difficult task of keeping her sisters safe. After being sheltered for years about magic, witches, and the truth about her grandparents. Brigid decides to tap into her magic abilities to seek protection when one of her sisters is nearly kidnapped. She follows clues in an ancient book of magical history to the town of Ville de Cougar. Once welcomed into the safe haven of the community, Brigid starts to have dreams of a strange man with promises to keep them all safe. The stranger in her dreams offers a world-altering passion that leaves Brigid weary and confused. When she comes face to face with the man in her dreams, will she run, or will the sparks fly?

Lugh Flacone has waited a long time for the fates to give him a mate. When a sisterhood of beautiful witches needed protection and sanctuary, Lugh went to guard them and provide the sisters a safe place to stay. Once the first witch came into sight, Lugh felt his world shift. When the exquisite beauty knelt in the garden to pray, he found himself bound to the woman. He would give his life for her. He knew he had to convince her they belonged together while he kept her safe from the unknown danger.


About Me

I am Katrina, a born storyteller. My very first wildly imaginative story was told to my mother at the tender age of three, on how I broke my arm.

My story began with me playing basketball with my across-the-street neighbor boy. I gave a very descriptive account of how I dribbled the ball in three circles around the boy. Then at the last moment, since the game was tied, I leapt into the air with all my might to make the winning basket. Somehow, on the way down, I landed on my arm.

Well there were a few things I forgot to mention. We did not own a basketball or a hoop. In reality, I was playing hide and seek across the street, somewhere I was not supposed to be. I climbed up on their station wagon and flipped off the back, landing on my elbow.

See, not as exciting.

I am a storyteller turned writer. For the last few years I have been writing Contemporary Romances about Knights and Cowboys, learning my craft, making new amazing friends, and loving every minute.

Thanks to the Chicago weather I get a lot of time to write, while cooped up with my daughters and husband. Now if someone can give me some advice on how to write while being pestered by big black lab, I would appreciate it.


Chapter One


The four daughters of Artemis Meagher, the future queen of Jonquil’s Coven, made their way through the forest in the dark of night.

“How much longer do we travel the old-fashioned way?” the youngest of the sisters, Aradia, asked her oldest sister Brigid as she held back a branch for them to pass.

“I promise a little bit longer. We can’t be traced this way, but Mom and Dad can find us.”

“Is it also the reason we smell like dogs?” Demeter, her Irish twin, complained.

“It’s bear, not a dog’s scent.” Brigid scanned ahead of them. “A new sleuth of bears moved into the area recently.”

Cassandra moved closer. “I like the scent. It makes me want to tame a beast.”

“Ladies, please, I need to concentrate.” She focused forward and waited for a sign. “There.” She pointed between two towering oak trees. A silvery ripple ever so slight appeared undetectable to the human eye. Only those with magical or shifter skills would notice. She slid her hand into the shimmering light, curling her fingers around the cool edge of the heavy veil of protection. She pulled it open and motioned for her sisters to walk through. She whispered the incantation of a defense spell before following her sisters.

Her eyes adjusted to the bright light as they walked into a shop next to the entrance with her sisters.

“Wow, there are four of you! I have never seen identical Irish quadruplets before. Welcome to Creatures Haven, the first stop of Ville de Cougar. I’m Ethan Fitzgerald, the gatekeeper on duty tonight.” A handsome, tall, lean blond man with blue eyes and wearing a black flannel and jeans greeted them from behind a glass counter.

Brigid made her way to the front and kept all her sisters behind her. “We are not quadruplets. I am twenty-five, the youngest is twenty and you have never seen us before.”

“Of course, I have never seen four amazing shades of red hair and green eyes. Privacy is our specialty.” His head bowed. “You all smell of bear shifters, but you are not, are you?”

“No. We are seeking asylum in a safe, free community.” Brigid hated to beg, but the safety of her sisters was the most important promise she made to their mother and father.

His blue eyes sparkled. “Ladies, you have nothing to fear in Ville de Cougar. We protect our own. You will have to register with our Alphas, the Alton brothers. There is also a new task force to build unity between shifters and humans in the community. We have everything you need. So, what can I offer you, ladies? I would offer perfume if we sold it.” He winked at her sisters.

“Please let me get rid of this smell!” Demeter took out her wand.

“No. Not yet.” Brigid clasped her arm. “Ethan, can you direct us to a place to stay?”

He smiled. “Witches. How long are you planning on staying?”

“Forever,” Cassandra offered, leaning against the counter. “So a house maybe, preferably with some land.”

Brigid rolled her eyes. “Anything, really.”

“Let me think.” He pressed a finger to his chin. “There is an old Victorian home on the outskirts of town you might like, except it’s too dark to look at tonight. So for now…” Ethan reached around to open a steel box and took out some keys. “If you don’t mind tonight, there is an apartment above an empty shop downtown. It is nothing much.”

“We will make it work.” Brigid grabbed the keys off the counter. “Thank you.” She gathered her sisters before turning back. “Your aura tells me I can trust you, but perhaps I should use a memory charm to ensure I am not wrong…”

He met her stare. “As I said, we protect our own. Welcome to Ville de Cougar. Follow this road for a mile or so to Main Street then turn right. The building will be on your left, seven thirty-eight, across from the Hot Hearts Café.”

Her sisters murmured their thanks as they stepped back into the night.

Ethan ran after them. “You all will want to check in with the Trillium Moon Coven tomorrow.”

“Do you know who the head of the coven is?” Brigid measured her words.

“Venus ran it, but after she died, it went to Moonbeam. Good night!” he called over his shoulder.

“Do you recognize the names?” Demeter took out her wand again.

“No magic! And yes.” She batted her hand. “We can make it in the dark. There are street lights up ahead.” As they walked, heavy footfalls of animals came to the edge of the forest behind Creatures Haven. Crystal eyes flashed in the moonlight. “Look, there is a big black bear and a cougar,” Brigid whispered.

“An odd combination,” Demeter murmured.

“How many different kinds of shifters do you suppose live here?” Aradia asked.

“From what I remember, there are werewolves, bears, cougars, mermaids, cupids, and feys. I can feel vampires and...” she shivered, “other warlocks and witches. Let’s hope they can keep us safe,” she said under her breath.

When they reached the apartment building, it had an empty and dark storefront.

“This doesn’t seem too creepy,” Cassandra quivered.

Brigid placed her arms around Cassandra’s shoulders. “Let’s get inside. The door is on the side.”

Brigid opened the door. She nodded to Demeter, “You lead, and all of you take out your wands.” They nodded and went up the stairs, while Brigid guarded the entrance. She pulled out her wand and put protective enchantments around the building when they were out of sight. Before she followed her sisters up the steps, she noticed a silent garden in the back. Once she ensured the enchantments were in place, she walked to the small haven to pray. She knelt beside a small yet stable birch tree and welcomed the moonlight and soft breeze on her skin. “Goddesses of the moon and stars, please watch over us. Our parents had visions for our futures, and I ask for your guidance so that we may find what is destined to be ours. Thank you for leading us to Ville de Cougar and giving us each a gift to share and help this community.” She stood as she finished her prayers and caught a glimpse of two birds flying in the dark sky. One bird’s wings shimmered under the moonlight, and at the very sight, Brigid felt something shift within her core. A new sense of safety and security settled in her chest. She walked inside and locked the door.

At the top of the stairs, a crystal blue door already had a wreath of witch hazel flowers on it. “When I said wands out, I meant for protection, not decorating, Cassandra.”

Her brow creased. “What?”

“The wreath.” She waved.

“It was already on the door,” Demeter answered. “Just look at this place! It’s huge!”

Brigid curled her fingers. “Please tell me you didn’t make adjustments for us?” She worried there was more magic involved than they could handle.

“Honest, we walked into this,” Aradia said from the sofa in the living room. She wrapped herself in a colorful blanket from their parents’ bed she must have packed in her bag.

The living room had two other chairs and side tables with tarnished metal lamps. Cassandra curled up on one of the chairs. “Each of the bedrooms has two queen beds with dressers and walk-in closets. I think I might like it here!”

“Somehow,” Brigid sighed, “magic is involved here.”


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