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Guest Author Saturday

My guest today is Alyssa Bailey, she is sharing an excerpt taken from her new release Saving Becky, book 6 in the Safe & Secure Series which is available in Kindle Unlimited.

About the Book

He was a deadly operative, but she called him Daddy.

As a former military pilot turned security operative, Carter has always been in control. But when he falls in love with the enchanting and efficient Becky, his boss’s assistant, everything changes. His Daddy Dom comes out in force but holding the reins steady is challenging some days when Becky smiles so sweetly. Suddenly, he’s protecting more than just his clients - he’s protecting his heart. Just as their relationship begins to deepen, it is first stalled by Carter’s secret, then Carter’s plane is sabotaged, quickly followed by attempts on Becky’s life. Carter gets firm but with danger lurking around every corner and Becky trying her best to solve the mystery on her own, Carter must rely on his skills and his team to ensure Becky’s safety because the danger may be closer than they think.

About Alyssa Bailey

USA Today Best Selling Author of realistic, sensual romance with a touch of suspense. A dyed in the wool Texan living in the splendor of Alaska most of her life, Alyssa now divides her time between the beauty of SE Alaska and the piney woods of East Texas. She enjoys taking from her own experiences to create series in realistic locations to tease the reader’s palate and invite them to sink into exciting adventures.

Alyssa enjoys writing consensual power exchanges between intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and loving men confident enough to give his woman space but masterful enough to keep her safe and content. There is always a happily ever after.


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