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Guest Author Saturday

My guest today is CJ Warrant, she is part of the Hit Man Anthology which is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Dangerous, unhinged, and hired to kill…

The men in this anthology are trained assassins who criminals fear at night. Corrupt politicians and mobsters could be their client or their target. Each hit brings a new risk, a new rush, but when it’s all over they still have a heart.

It takes a strong woman to stand by a man with a profession like theirs. Women who do are hard to come by. As each of them find the one who makes their cold heart race, they know immediately that they will stop at nothing to keep them safe.

There has only ever been one rule: No witnesses.

In April 2023, meet eight hitmen who are downright dangerous. They do nothing halfway, but they have blood on their hands and love in their hearts.

The only question remains, can that love save them all?

Authors included:

Ashley Zakrzrewski - USA Today Bestselling Author

Lynessa Layne - USA Today Bestselling Author & AJ Layne

Nikki Rome - USA Today Bestselling Author

Bree Weeks

Melissa Williams


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