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Author Spotlight - Victoria Hamel

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome Victoria Hamel and her new book Too Kölsch For Comfort, (Marley Creek Romance Book 2).

When Jasper makes Zaina a deal she can’t refuse, will she find herself with something more than money?


Zaina Evans told herself this was going to be her year. She’s done looking for a soulmate to share her life. She lives in a great small-town, has a successful business, she’s surrounded by wonderful friends and her mom is just a train ride away. Zaina has everything she needs and wants in life except for a baby. Now all she needs is funding to help pay for artificial insemination.


Jasper Kane is the handsome owner and head brewer of Hop’s Heaven Brewery. He’s only had time to promote his business and date a of string of beautiful women for the last five years. His goal to take his craft brewery nationwide consumes him. Maybe if his brewery had locations across America, his mother would finally take him seriously.


Then a video of Jasper and Zaina goes viral for its feel-good content, and a local TV show wants to do a live remote, but only if Zaina’s there too. This gives Jasper a fantastically devious idea. He can get loads of free publicity and tons of followers if Zaina agrees to fake date him to make social media content. But when they get stuck at the brewery during an ice storm, things stop being fake fast. Will they be able to get past their preconceived notions of the perfect life to find the love right in front of them?


Too Klösch For Comfort is a small-town, fake dating, iced-in, steamy romance, featuring a craft brewer who will do anything for his business and a tarot card-reading woman who’s given up on finding her true love. Part of the Marley Creek Romance Series, this standalone story includes viral videos, Hallmark movie vibes, and a guaranteed HEA.


Victoria's love of writing began in grade school, where she won an award for a Mother's Day essay. She spent the better part of her childhood with her head in a book. In high school, she wrote love stories for her friends in which they'd meet their favorite bands or the movie star they had a crush on. Suffice it to say, Victoria was writing fan fiction before fan fiction was a thing. After spending many years starting and stopping writing in various genres, Victoria returned to her high school roots and decided to write romance.

Victoria Hamel lives in the Chicago area with her husband, three college-age kids, and Bowie the dog. She has run three marathons and, based on that experience, she feels qualified to say that reviewing her manuscript for errors was a more arduous task than literally running a marathon. She is a member of the Chicago North Romance Writers Group. When she isn't writing, Victoria volunteers for local democrat candidates, watches K-Dramas, or can be found blogging on her blog "First of All…”

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Too Kölsch For Comfort.

Happy reading,



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