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Author Spotlight - Tessa Carr

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome Tessa Carr as she shares Faces in Shadows, book 1 in Shadows of Council Creek Series.

Investigator Mitch Spencer is quite unprepared for what he finds when he rescues Molly from the abandoned house where she’s been taken.

Within 24 hours, he’s lost his heart to this tiny young woman.

She’s so determined to appear tough, but he can see through that tough exterior to what’s inside. And he knows she’s scared.

After her past, she knows she’s afraid to trust anyone, anymore.

And he knows she’s not out of danger. Yet.

Tessa Carr has been writing since she was a child, and entertaining her friends with stories about them. In the back of her mind, however, always lurked stories about romance filled with mystery, and adventure. Being a Navy brat and moving frequently to new places and meeting new people brought on new stories that hovered in her mind.

You may notice some of her books seem to be missing from the page. That's because many of them are being re-written. Don't worry! A new version will be coming soon!

The excitement of writing never went away. Even today, those stories still hover. She loves writing historical, and for many years has written romantic historicals as Pippa Greathouse, but recently has begun the new genre of sexy, sizzling contemporary mystery, suspense-thrillers that often involve the Highway Patrol, FBI and police and Sheriff’s Departments.


Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Faces in Shadow.

Happy reading,




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