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Author Spotlight - Pippa Greathouse

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome Tessa Carr as she shares Abby's Keeper.

A personal attack and threats delivered to her phone...

These are just a few horrors Abby is running from.


She's run back to school to escape.

But can she?


Now, things are only getting worse. Her friends think she needs a keeper; she thinks differently, but proving it to them is a challenge.

Especially when it comes to convincing Max Knightly, who seems determined to protect her.


Max has been watching her closely since her recent diagnosis of diabetes.

But he quickly finds there is more going on in Abby's life than just an illness.

Someone is after her; the question is...


Pippa Greathouse has been publishing for years, with books in several genres; historical fiction, paranormal, and most include romantic mystery and suspense.

A note from Pippa...

It all started with an assignment from my beautiful and elegantly coiffured fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. J, who had our class write a short story and then to read it aloud.

So, I did. The story began with a group of my friends and classmates, who went on a fictitious camping trip.

Enter a grizzly bear. As it attacked the camp and body parts began flying, I looked up.

Poor Mrs. J! A twitch had appeared somewhere around her left eye, and she looked horrified. But she kept quiet and let me finish.

By the time the story ended, she was white as a sheet.

I admit, I learned to control the gore in my stories somewhat after that. But my friends all thought it was cool, so the stories kept coming.

I was hooked.

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Abby's Keeper.

Happy reading,




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