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Author Spotlight - Lia Violet

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today I would like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine who has had a new book released recently.

Lia Violet

USA Today Bestselling Author

Fiery Fate

Human politics have nothing on New Orleans shifters. Carina, daughter of the bear pack leaders, will marry the head of the local werewolf pack in three months. While she likes Stan well enough, they both know the match isn’t about true love. Allen is a forensic accountant who recently discovered he is a dragon shifter. When he accidentally sets fire to Carina’s tires, they end up sharing a hot kiss together. Discovering they are mates panics Carina. Can they set fire to her parents' plans?

We’re taught fate knows all. That it leads you down a certain path because that’s where you’re meant to be. But what if whoever is waiting for you at the end of it chooses not to accept your combined destiny and instead fights it? The authors in this series have decided to find out.

Lia Violet is an author of a bestselling Amazon mystery series with recipes who enjoys heat in and out of the kitchen.

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Fiery Fate.

Happy reading,



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