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Author Spotlight - J. M. Guilfoyle

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome J.M. Guilfoyle and her book Love Under the Stars.

J.M. Guilfoyle

Love Under the Stars: Cosmic Contagion signing! Meet Jackson Wolfe!

The day has finally come! Everything in Ellie’s life might have needed rearranging just to attend the Cosmic Contagion book signing, but it was worth it to meet her favorite author of all time!

Until she enters the store the signing is at, only to find out tickets are needed and she doesn’t have one!

Before she suffers death (and maybe rebirth as a zombie) by humiliation, Ellie literally runs into Zack, who offers her his extra ticket.

Approaching people is not Zack’s strong suit. Couple that with the crushing anxiety of fitting in with societal norms and dealing with the pressure his friends and family put on him to conform… well, Zack’s used to not getting the girl. No one can seem to get past the fact that Zack is autistic, sure, but he doesn’t need all their ‘help’ to navigate life. Zack just needs to live, and maybe fall in love, his own way.

Buy Links: Available on Amazon only as an E-book, paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.

Formerly an engineer by day, she is a mom of 3 who passionately loves science fiction, fantasy, anime, video games, art and more! Usually, people can find her hiding in a corner, typing furiously and laughing at her own jokes. 

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Love Under the Stars.

Happy reading,



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