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Author Spotlight - Gracie Griffith

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome:

Gracie Griffith The Soul of Benjamin

Jillian's past remains a mystery; her future, uncertain. And as soon as she steps on board the ship taking her to Alaska's inside passage, she finds she's become a target.


All she knows is the world of art and antiquities is involved, and they seem to be after her.

"Beware, Jillian." The words of Michael Adams to her on the first afternoon, haunt her. A dealer, he's the only person on the ship she's inclined to trust. But even he doesn't entirely ring true.

Who is he, really? And what does he want from her?

Hi everyone,

I'm Gracie Griffith. I love writing mysteries and romance. And I wanted to bring you my latest book, The Soul of Benjamin.

There are two goals I strive to meet when it comes to writing. One is that the books are believable. Two? That when you as the reader reach the end, you take a deep breath and say, "Wow. I never saw THAT ending coming!"

I'm also a mom, and a grandma, and God has blessed me with two of the very best grandchildren. Never could I have asked for a better family!

Writing, for me, started in grade school, when I discovered my friends all loved to read adventure stories about themselves. So, I wrote them. Reading was great fun, and I spent summers under the bed with a book in my hand. Mom and Dad never worried about where I was; they knew.

Thanks again for taking a look at The Soul of Benjamin. Please feel free to write to me. I would absolutely love hearing from you!


Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy The Soul of Benjamin.

Happy reading,



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