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Author Spotlight - Euryia Larsen

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome back my good friend who has a pre-order that goes live March, 19th.

Euryia Larsen The Quiet Smile

Daniil Baranov

My life has been blessed with seeing a beautiful angel but I live in the dark trenches of this world and can't allow the evil that clings to me like a shroud to dim her light. I watch her from the shadows, making sure that she is safe and happy. Then one night I'm not there when she's stolen from her bed, her home. I'll burn the world to save her and then I'll keep her.

Amelia Lucina

Having a disability of any kind can turn the easiest of tasks into a challenge. Having a disability that makes speaking a challenge and reading next to impossible can make even the nicest person judgemental. I may appear weak but I have an inner strength that can't be taken from me even when evil appears and takes me from all I know. Can I find safety in the darkness? Can I find love?


There are numerous ways to differentiate one person from the next. Hair or eye color, personality, sense of humor, etc. For some, it's a medical diagnosis. While that can be life-altering, it also doesn't define you. However, it can shake you, change you, and shape you. But our core remains and so does the need for acceptance and love. We're here to give those that are perfectly imperfect their beautiful, heartwarming happily ever afters.

Euryia Larsen grew up thinking that what she was being told about the world was only part of the story. She loves myths both historical and modern and often sees the the possibility in 'what if'. A good romance with strong 'alpha' heroes and even stronger heroines that can be a partner for them are her favorite kinds of books. If the heroines are just a tad crazy, even better.

Euryia is a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters, three crazy cats, three crazier dogs and a husband to round out the bunch. She deals with her fair share of issues while dealing with Fibromyalgia and other complications and as a result, she's finds an escape in books where there is always a happily ever after. She's always been creative and has written for herself as an audience for longer than she can remember.

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy The Quiet Smile.

Happy reading,




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