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Author Spotlight - Euryia Larsen

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to introduce you to another friend of mine.

Euryia Larsen Bonded by Destiny (Saga of the Realms)

What if the realms of legend and myth really did exist and are hiding in plain sight?

Theanna Daniels

I’m just your average girl with pink hair and eyes and enough family and relationship drama to make even the toughest therapist beg for mercy. With a boyfriend at least a few millennia older than I am, the path to my true destiny is sure to be interesting.

Damian Prince

My whole existence has been dedicated to making the Dark Realms and in particular, Ikisat, as powerful as possible. Our Queen is bent on destroying everything and everyone, including her granddaughter. I cannot and will not let that happen. Ever.

Euryia Larsen grew up thinking that what she was being told about the world was only part of the story. She loves myths both historical and modern and often sees the the possibility in 'what if'. A good romance with strong 'alpha' heroes and even stronger heroines that can be a partner for them are her favorite kinds of books. If the heroines are just a tad crazy, even better.

Euryia is a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters, three crazy cats, three crazier dogs and a husband to round out the bunch. She deals with her fair share of issues while dealing with Fibromyalgia and other complications and as a result, she's finds an escape in books where there is always a happily ever after. She's always been creative and has written for herself as an audience for longer than she can remember.

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Bonded by Destiny.

Happy reading,



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