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Author Spotlight - Charli Rahe

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome Charli Rahe and her new book Sagittarius Blessed: A Dawn of the Zodiacs novel.

Magic is waning.

The Council twists the prophecy to fit their narrative and frighten people from the Zodiacs.

With each passing day, the ritual grows closer.

Yasha’s quiet rustic life takes a turn when a stranger comes calling.

She will either embrace her fate and save her daughter from the Council or they will end her first.

It’s a race against time with only a Council traitor, a former lover, to guide her to four necessary relics to fulfill her end of the bargain.

Without the completion of their rituals, the Council’s victory is inevitable.

Yasha will have to do the one thing that she dreads — rely on the help of others.


Charli Rahe’s debut series features powerful heroines in surreal landscapes, blending romance and fantasy. Critics praised her Tried and True series for skillfully combining creativity and humor into tantalizing tales.


In her younger years, she was told by her favorite teacher that she’d found her voice. She began journaling every day. By the end of high school, she’d filled six books. She stopped and started several novels until 2012. While staying home with a toddler and twin infants, devouring books of every genre, she discovered romantasy and things clicked. She hasn’t stopped writing since. She is a member of the Chicago Writers Association and Chicago-North Romance Chapter.

You can find her cozied up with a book, on her MacBook, or doing crafts in the suburbs of Chicago.

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Sagittarius Blessed: A Dawn of the Zodiacs novel.

Happy reading,



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