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Author Spotlight - Alyssa Bailey

Hello, my lovely readers-

Today, I would like to welcome Alyssa Bailey who has had a recent new release.

Alyssa Bailey

Saving Finley, Book 8 in the Safe & Secure

This is your formal invitation to the party.

Gifts mandatory.

Your RSVP is confirmed.

Jac laid the note with the rest of them and paced the room. They had become ominous, and this one scared the hell out of him. Gifts? It could not be good.

For the first time since they had received these notes, something made sense in an indescribable, jarring way. This one was happening. No more games, except this was the most messed up game of his life.

“Oh, God, Jac. Finley and Storm are gone!”

Jac rubbed his neck and waited as his wife sent out the alarm. The team did not miss the implication of “Gifts Mandatory.”

The team and their spouses join forces to identify who the aggressors are and to rescue Storm and Finley. If it isn’t a concussion, it is being shot at, or an explosion, or physical attacks that interfere with keeping everyone safe. Levi and Cash, along with their team, work hard to end the cat and mouse games. Put an end to the fear. The violence. The threat to their future.

“Game on. This is my family and my house you walked into with your sickness. You started it. I’m ending it. Watch your back because we are going hunting.”

Finley hopes for security and a happily ever after with her men. Unfortunately, there is plenty more in store for her, Levi and Cash before they can reach for the brass ring of forever.

USA Today Best Selling Author of realistic, sensual romance with a touch of suspense. A dyed in the wool Texan living in the splendor of Alaska most of her life, Alyssa now divides her time between the beauty of SE Alaska and the piney woods of East Texas. She enjoys taking from her own experiences to create series in realistic locations to tease the reader’s palate and invite them to sink into exciting adventures.

Alyssa enjoys writing consensual power exchanges between intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and loving men confident enough to give his woman space but masterful enough to keep her safe and content. There is always a happily ever after

Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy Saving Finley.

Happy reading,




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