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I am Katrina, a born storyteller. My very first wildly imaginative story was told to my mother at the tender age of three, on how I broke my arm.

My story began with me playing basketball with my across-the-street neighbor boy. I gave a very descriptive account of how I dribbled the ball in three circles around the boy. Then at the last moment, since the game was tied, I leapt into the air with all my might to make the winning basket. Somehow, on the way down, I landed on my arm.

Well there were a few things I forgot to mention. We did not own a basketball or a hoop. In reality, I was playing hide and seek across the street, somewhere I was not supposed to be. I climbed up on their station wagon and flipped off the back, landing on my elbow.

See, not as exciting.

I am a storyteller turned writer. For the last few years I have been writing Contemporary Romances about Knights and Cowboys, learning my craft, making new amazing friends, and loving every minute.

Thanks to the Chicago weather I get a lot of time to write, while cooped up with my daughters and husband. Now if someone can give me some advice on how to write while being pestered by big black lab, I would appreciate it.

Thank you for stopping by.



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