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New Years Resolution

Did you make a News Year's Resolution?

Have you kept it so far?

Every year I think I will make a resolution and stick to it. But unfortunately, by the end of January, my resolution went to waste.

One of our princesses made me a writing calendar with S.M.A.R.T. goals this year.

S - Specific: Set accomplishable and specific goals instead of vague ones

M - Measurable: Make your goals trackable

A - Attainable: Work towards a goal that is challenging but possible

R - Realistic: Be honest with yourself - you know what you are capable of

T - Time: Give yourself a deadline. How long will it take me to achieve my goals?

This S.M.A.R.T. calendar seems like something I might be able to handle. But first, I had to be honest with myself. How many goals do I set for the month, week, and day? Then I divided those into tasks and writing. Tasks include emails and lists of things to do (which is the most rewarding). Writing includes picking projects and word count.

Filling out the calendar and dedicating time and effort to do what I planned for the day, week and month will be challenging. But I will keep you all posted if I make it through the month. So far, so good.


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